For efficient and comprehensive sewer rehabilitation planning

PISA Compact is designed for standalone use, independent of network information systems, and supports rehabilitation design on the basis of visual sewer inspections.

PISA Compact encompasses complex functionality proven in practice, such as determining the rehabilitation priorities, condition assessment, cost estimating and economic efficiency comparison.

The Network Navigator integrated directly in the data management interface supports rapid and straightforward graphical visualisation and bidirectional communication with the object data of the network elements. Visual verification of the network elements is simplified with the optional integration of background maps.

Video: PISA Compact simply explained

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  • Review of data using all common standards for visual TV inspection with PIETS
  • Condition classification and condition assessment
  • Consideration of all common exchange formats and sets of standards
  • Inspection code-specific video control for sewer segments, service pipes and manholes
  • Economic efficiency comparison of multiple rehabilitation alternatives with sensitivity analysis
  • Schematic inspection graphics: Sewer segment, pipe and manhole graphics
  • Plotter and printer output: Reports, CAD and GIS topic-specific layouts
  • Links available to all leading GIS and CAD systems for graphical processing
  • Budgeting at the push of a button through automated rehabilitation design

The PISA Compact brochure in PDF format with multiple pages explains all details of the comprehensive functions.

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