Which contribution do we make to the supply of clean drinking water and access to basic sanitation to a lot more people in the future? Go read all about it in the latest issue of our BARTHAUER News.
BARTHAUER News Issue 1 | 2017
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Every German citizen consumes about 121 litres of water every day. This places Germany alongside Denmark at the lowest water consumption in industrialised countries. The reason: Supply is exemplary! We have excellent water quality, leak-tight supply lines and we make relatively sparing use of this resource.

Nevertheless, many water supply and sanitation networks in urban areas have been built some time ago and require larger reconstruction and maintenance interventions. We make a contribution to the supply of clean drinking water and access to basic sanitation to a lot more people in the future.
 How do we do this? Go read all about it in the latest issue of our BARTHAUER News.shim

Anis Saad 

Yours Anis Saad
Managing Director

„The principle of all things is water, everything comes from water, and everything eventually returns to it.“
Thales von Milet, Greek philosopher & mathematician
 Infograftik zur Verwendung von Trinkwasser ansehen... Foto: Pixabay Mehr über Wasserkunst Hamburg erfahren... Foto: © Stiftung Wasserkunst Elbinsel Kaltehofe 
 CLEAN: The use of water WHAT!? Good to know 
 We have never smelled so good. Taking a shower is a natural part of our daily routine. Therefore, it is not surprising that 36% of our water consumption is used for personal daily hygiene.     Hamburg – a pioneer in the supply of water: Large parts of the city were destroyed in a fire in 1842. During reconstruction the oldest central water supply in Europe was created.   
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 BaSYS WEB allows you to bring the functionality and scalability of BaSYS desktop solutions seamlessly into the Intranet and Internet. BaSYS Web Services enables you to make your BaSYS pipeline registry without client installation accessible to a large group of users, both on PC and on mobile devices.    Get to know the product >>> 
 Mehr über DHI erfahren... Foto: BARTHAUER Mehr über BaSYS MIKE erfahren... Grafik: BARTHAUER 
 Joint software solution: DHI has done intensive research in the field of water management over the last 50 years. Or software solutions will in future complement the hydraulic solutions of DHI.    Get to know DHI >>> Hydrodynamic sewer system computation: With the integration of the new DHI computing core MIKE1D in the BaSYS network information system, we offer an innovative alternative to BaSYS HydroCAD.   Request a presentation >>> 
 More information... Free Webinars 
 In focus: what are the requirements of a modern sewerage data information system? Visit us at our trade fair stand for the answers and more information.    Make an appointment >>> Make use of our free webinars to learn how to create your own individual information system to solve your administrative tasks with our software.      Ask now >>> 
 TERMINE 2017 
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