master data of network elements

Fittings management
Management of arbitrarily structured water pipe networks with all network components under AquaDATA with GAWANIS compatibility.

AquaDATA is especially used by municipalities and special purpose associations. In cooperation with the users, a powerful, database-supported system was realized, from which both a clear administration of the inventory and new planning are made possible.

GAWANIS – Compatibility
The GAWANIS – standard for gas and water networks is realized in AquaDATA as a subset. However, BaSYS sets new standards here with a considerably higher information content and level of detail.

In clearly arranged forms you manage all relevant data such as pipes, house connections, installation parts, fittings, molded parts.

Citizen – Information
Use AquaDATA in conjunction with GIS interfaces such as BaSYS-Visor, BaSYS Spectator or Synergis EASY / VIEW as an information station. Via the information station a fast and structured access to all relevant data is possible.

The key points listed below will give you a small insight into the extensive functionality of AquaDATA:

Display of detailed data (such as pipeline segments, pipeline damage, nodes)
Display of customer and consumption data (water meters) at the associated nodes
clear definition of main and connection nodes
clear management of line types
clear and user-defined expandable fitting structure
flow path tracking with / without closed gate valves
assignment of several addresses to one connection line
interactive linking of forms with BaSYS plan
interactive flow path tracking in BaSYS-Plan

Libraries for all cross-project data (e.g. roads, pump curves)
Pipe library with all important pipe attributes, such as integral roughness, nominal pressure, wall thickness
automatic generation of any pipe type data sets
comfortable transfer of pipe attributes from the library into the pipe forms
administration of nominal diameters in “mm” and “inch
clear management of all valves (also dismantled) via the machine number
management of valve rotation angles
direct use of data for hydraulic calculation in AquaFIN
definition of main nodes as a summary of sub nodes
administration of protection pipes
Management of intermediate pipe points
Hydraulic resultsIn AquaDATA you manage the results of all hydraulic calculations that are relevant for the water network. The data are sorted by calculation alternatives. Results from AquaFIN are imported directly, those from other applications via the ASCII interface.

Object – Management
You can clearly track all important operating and maintenance processes as well as damage to water pipes and / or fixtures in AquaDATA. All events are stored with the date of detection and with the date of rectification. The GIS connection allows you to quickly and reliably identify key tasks.

Document management
Manage the documents of your water supply network directly via its elements such as pipes and fittings. These can be, for example, detailed drawings, photos or maintenance forms.

Office – Connection
You can export data, e.g. query results for a house connection, directly to Word or Excel. This makes it possible to create serial letters.
BaSYS AquaDATA is available as Edit or View version. In BaSYS Aqua-DATA View no data input is possible.

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