Wherever connection to the central sewer network is not possible, property owners must treat their wastewater via small wastewater treatment plants or store it in closed pits. Based on the water laws, the municipal statutes regulate the responsibilities of cities and municipalities or third parties authorized by them for the harmless disposal of sewage sludge and collected wastewater. With BaSYS for small sewage treatment plants (KKA), you record and document all plants and their operators. Upcoming collection dates can be monitored and corresponding disposal orders can be created on time. Corresponding fee notices can then be generated automatically on the basis of your own fee libraries.

Application area
BaSYS KKA supports municipalities and communities in the handling and documentation of the emptying of small sewage treatment plants and drainless cesspools and enables a complete documentation of the disposal orders and fee notices. This ensures an overview of compliance with statutory disposal deadlines and intervals at all times.

BaSYS KKA can be used to manage technical and administrative data of small wastewater treatment plants as well as information relevant to disposal, such as deadlines and last disposal date and data of approved disposal companies. Fee rates for disposal are managed in a fee library, differentiated according to fees for owners and disposal companies.

Disposal orders can be created automatically for the systems to be emptied by selecting the appropriate time intervals. Subsequently, all documents relevant for the disposal (e.g. cover letters, asset lists and blank disposal certificates) are available.

When the order is placed, a fee notice is created for each plant concerned, in which the quantities and expenses incurred must be added after disposal has been completed. It is possible to correct fee notices that have already been issued at any time.

When the fee notices are approved, serial letters are automatically generated for dispatch to the owners. With the debit position function, the invoice amounts are declared as booking of a deposit to be accepted and corresponding lists are generated. On request, an interface to an existing financial accounting system can be realized.

Graphical representation
If site geometries have been assigned to the small wastewater treatment plants, they can be visualized in the integrated network navigator, e.g. together with the property cadastre. In addition, it is possible to display the factual data of a small wastewater treatment plant in the form by making a selection in the graphic or to navigate to the plant in the graphic by making a selection in the form.

Multiplatform concept
The multi-platform concept integrated in BaSYS makes it possible to use BASYS KKA with a connection to an existing graphics system. For example, the small sewage treatment plants can be displayed, queried and plotted together with property and sewer cadastres on all leading GIS and CAD systems as well as WebMap servers.

With the freely configurable BaSYS ASCII interface, existing plant data, information on owners and other parties involved, as well as order and decision histories from other systems can be migrated to BaSYS KKA.

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