BaSYS Street

The integrated software solution for the efficient management of municipal road infrastructure.

The database for roads was integrated into the current version of the network information system BaSYS as a new module. Uniform data storage makes it possible to use the aboveground road infrastructure in the direct context of the underground infrastructure as the basis for municipal infrastructure management. The integrative approach makes it possible to use all data processing, analysis and visualisation functions provided by BaSYS.

  • Data collection, administration and editing of geometry, object and condition data for the road infrastructure and street furniture.
  • Configurable import/export interfaces (Shape, ASCII)
  • Condition assessment for visual condition monitoring according to E EMI 2012
  • Connection to all leading GIS and CAD systems and WebMapServer

Video: BaSYS Street simply explained (Video in German language)

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Control data and network data (edge-node model) can be recorded and edited with BaSYS Street. Traffic areas assigned to the road sections can be maintained as line objects (also with stationing) or as any type of polygon (rectangular, trapezoidal or actual areas). The layer construction can be documented for each traffic area.

The results of visual condition monitoring and condition assessment according to E EMI 2012 can be recorded and assigned to specific areas. Condition data history can be maintained. Results of street inspections according to the legal duty to maintain safety are maintained with location references.

All recorded data are administered in straightforward, detailed forms. Hierarchical navigation provides direct access to referenced data. The Network Navigator supports rapid and straightforward graphical visualisation and bidirectional communication with the object data of the road objects.

A wizard supports the condition assessment for visual condition monitoring according to E EMI 2012 and determines all required data.

Flexible, adaptable import interfaces for Shape and ASCII formats ensure the transfer of collected data with many different characteristics and scopes. For example, the complete results of a stereometric camera recording with exact geometry data, object data and traffic area conditions can be transferred.

A freely configurable Shape interface for data delivery is available as well.

Like all software solutions from BARTHAUER, BaSYS Street is fully integrated into the BARTHAUER multi-platform concept that is unique worldwide. Thus the visualisation of the road infrastructure administered in BaSYS Street can be realised in all leading GIS and CAD systems.

Currently the CAD systems from Autodesk, BricsCAD, and Bentley, and GIS from esri, Intergraph and QGIS are supported. Visualising and editing object data via WebMapServer is possible as well. The extent of the graphical presentation and the thematic design are realised through flexible, adaptable representation models. Geometry and object data are also delivered here in the direct context through the integration of the object data forms into the GIS or CAD system.

Integrated data storage supports joint visualisation with underground infrastructure facilities such as sewer networks. Supported database management systems include Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

BaSYS offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary range of functions for the analysis and evaluation of data. These functions are also available for the road infrastructure. They include dashboards, statistical analyses, diagrams and freely definable reports.