Water planning – BaSYS Plan Water

Planning and data collection for water supply networks is greatly simplified with the help of pipe and fitting type quick selection:

  • The most important pipe attributes are populated automatically when selecting a pipe type.
  • Fitting types are administered in a tree structure together with their layout. The fitting types are optionally set using quick selection or the tree structure.
  • Chosen pipe and fitting types remain activated for subsequent planning.

Nodes can be subsequently rotated as desired. Intersections are automatically positioned at the desired branch fittings with a pre-selected slide valve spacing. Subsequently changing the node type is possible. The layout is automatically adapted at the same time.


Casings are administered independently of the water supply network. The casings are graphically highlighted in BaSYS-Plan.

Flow path tracing

Flow path tracing can be activated from any point in the distribution network. Optionally the status of the slide valves is taken into account (open/closed). The addresses of the connected consumers are displayed and can be exported to MS Office.

Network calculation

The BaSYS-Plan functionality facilitates the verification of supply networks (AquaFIN module). Filtering makes the network segment to be calculated clearly apparent. Nodes can be opened or closed for the calculation directly from the graphic.