GeoInfoDESK – The economical information solutions to see & print

GeoInfoDESK combines the key BaSYS functionality with the varied possibilities of the world’s leading GIS and CAD systems. The intuitive user interface lets you efficiently view all data administered using the network information system BaSYS, along with all other space-oriented data. It also supports comprehensive analysis and presentation using appealing map layouts.

Benefits and function

  • Slim desktop information station
  • Database-driven
  • Can be used across specialist fields
  • Cost-effective and comprehensive

GeoInfoDESK offers a slim desktop information workstation with a tailored range of functions and direct connection to your BaSYS database (MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL). For the graphical representation of your data you can use the leading GIS and CAD systems supported by BaSYS or free open source geoinformation systems.


By using customer-specific graphics models, your theme plans can be presented entirely according to your special requirements. You can also view various specialist fields of infrastructure management together, with integral administration. To do so, BaSYS GeoInfoDesk is opened with a GIS interface in which the BaSYS information menus are integrated.


With the BaSYS Navigator, you can select a specific object from the data record list and have it marked and displayed in the plan. Numerous filtering and grouping options are available to you in order to help you work efficiently. With BaSYS object information, detailed information about any BaSYS object can be obtained from the database and, if desired, also exported directly using common standard formats such as CSV, Excel, PDF etc. You can also visualise the corresponding BaSYS objects as pipe and node graphics or as a longitudinal section in order to quickly capture spatial characteristics and provide information about the situation on site.

Free map services

Freely available public map services such as OpenStreetMap or GoogleHybrid can be loaded as background images for your project (depending on the chosen graphics) to facilitate spatial orientation in the plan. Various layout templates are provided to print your maps and can be customised to meet your needs.

Target groups

Service providers:
Engineering offices
data centres
public services
network operators