BaSYS - The system for infrastructure management

BaSYS is a modular, scalable network information system (NIS) for wastewater, water, gas, district heating, electricity and data feeds. It is based on an integrated database structure which is a model derived from the real subterranean infrastructure.

As a specialised expanded asset management solution, the system maps the entire network management workflow and supports all work steps from network design and the recording of existing network plans and technical data to their technical inspection, plausibility assessment and classification, and dynamic network calculation through to the optimisation, inspection and rehabilitation of the network. 

BaSYS offers solutions for the operational management and maintenance of facilities using integrated mobile workforce management and the evaluation of facilities and assets. Property-based solutions supplement the system thematically.

Collaboration with specialists and partner companies results in the constant expansion of BaSYS. For instance, there are partnerships here in the area of hydrodynamic network calculation or strategic asset management.

Desktop, web-based and mobile applications are available in parallel. Known for its comprehensive functionality, flexibility and practicalness, BaSYS is efficiently and professionally used by civil engineers for infrastructure planning and by employees in administrative associations, communal operations and city agencies and industries for line management. BaSYS will be also be able to manage above-ground infrastructures such as street surfaces, railway systems, lighting and green spaces with corresponding perfection in future.

Video: Sewer and network design with BaSYS

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BaSYS has numerous modules for network management.

  • Sewer and pipe cadastre
  • Condition inspection and assessment
  • Rehabilitation design and economic efficiency analysis
  • Desktop, mobile and Internet information
  • Asset management for infrastructure objects
  • Master plan and general drainage planning
  • Operational and maintenance management
  • Sewer and pipe planning

These modules can be licensed according to user requirements.

The BaSYS brochure in PDF format with multiple pages explains all details of the comprehensive functions.

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