You can use the following links to send your data to BARTHAUER Consulting for review:

Sending data to customer service with the FTAPI Desktop App

In order to send files larger than 2 GB to Barthauer Customer Service, it is necessary to install the FTAPI desktop application and create a user account. Once set up, future file transfers can be sent again at any time using the desktop application.

Proceed as follows.


  • FTAPI Create erstellen (Attention, after registration the account has to be activated first, for this purpose a link will be sent automatically to the given e-mail address).
  • Download and install FTAPI Desktop application.

File transfer procedure

After the successful installation of the FTAPI Desktop application, the application starts automatically. The Barthauer contact server must now be entered and the login data of the previously registered user account must be stored.

After that, the application starts and the file transfer can be performed.