We define standards

Our IT solutions set standards and contribute to the digitalization of national and international infrastructure. The software is designed for the market-leading database management systems. On this basis, above-ground and underground networks and objects are managed together in one application.


BaSYS is our solution for integrated infrastructure management. Scalable and configurable – the basis is the central database.


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We have different modules on offer for all specialist areas in above-ground and underground infrastructure management.


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What is BaSYS?

Bundle resources, increase efficiency and thus minimize costs? With BaSYS, the integrative and scalable infrastructure management system, you create the basis for managing your supply and disposal networks, including all facilities, together in one application. The basis is a holistic database structure. As an extended asset management solution, the system accompanies the entire workflow of network and object management and supports you in all the tasks involved:

Planning and acquisition

Graphically interactive planning and acquisition through intelligent integration with leading GIS, CAD and DBM systems. Integrated subject-specific functions such as network planning in parallel in plan, longitudinal section as well as planning of catchment areas for any hydraulic approaches, network tracking, auto-access to survey points and DTM, accurate model-based theme plans and intuitive methods for object layout design.

Cadastre and continuation

Comprehensive functions for practice-oriented collection, processing, continuation and analysis of inventory data as well as maintenance of the rehabilitation inventory. Directive-compliant documentation of indirect dischargers, creation of overview and inventory plans.

Condition and evaluation

Inspection, import and evaluation of inspection results, e.g. from TV inspections (wastewater), pigging sensors (supply) or stereo image inspection (road). Automated condition assessment and creation of damage and condition assessment plans. History management and parallel management of data from different coding systems.

Rehabilitation and repair

Configurable logic for automated planning of different variants (repair, renovation, renewal) based on the relevant inspection. Automatic cost determination via cost estimation (renewal) and a freely definable library of available measures. Preferred variant via object-specific profitability comparison (cost comparison calculation) and strategic asset management. Standardized graphics, reports and topic plans.

Drainage planning

Hydraulic calculation of supply networks (STANET/EPANET) as well as dimensioning and hydrodynamic simulation (MIKE1D) for sewer networks access the inventory database directly without a replacement system. Use for master plan (also withdrawal of fire water) with manifold actual and planning states as well as for general drainage planning of urban and rural sewer networks

Asset Management

Legally compliant asset valuation according to cameralistics and double-entry accounting, basis for fee calculation. Detailed cost calculation. Connection between technical data and asset accounting (SAP, DATEV or MS Dynamics). Cost determination according to quantity and index methods via construction lot management.

Operations management and maintenance

Management and documentation of the assets to be maintained including the associated tasks with integrated maintenance and work planning supported by libraries for the maintenance processes. Consideration of regular and demand-oriented measures as well as route and resource planning. Order-related evaluation and documentation of the work performed.


Comprehensive, web-based information solution for desktop, tablet and smartphone. BaSYS Web Services provide network information directly from BaSYS databases via WebMap servers. Mobile network information and acquisition with GPS and RFID object recognition.

That makes BaSYS unique:

Data structure

Centralized database for all trays

Data integrity and security

Cross-divisional object information is held centrally in a standardized and non-proprietary encrypted data structure. This includes all important basic data for external (e.g. hydraulic) programs, graphical representation, text releases and customer-specific extensions and specialist shells.



The original

In cooperation with the “Wastewater Working Group” of the German state building authorities, we develop and implement the current “original” ISYBAU interfaces for the data transfer of sewer specialist data. With ISYBAU, DWA M-150, Shape and CAD as well as the universal ASCII interface, we offer a wide range for the import and export of specialist data.

Multi-platform concept

Diversity in front- and backend

Greatest possible freedom

The BARTHAUER multi-platform concept offers a uniform user interface for the interlinking of BaSYS in the front end with GIS/CAD systems from the world’s leading manufacturers Autodesk, Bentley, Bricsys, ESRI, Hexagon, and QGIS. In the backend, the three DBMS Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Oracle are supported for centralized spatial data management.

Desktop, Web, App

Many platforms - one system


Our development philosophy and software architecture offer perfect system consistency – from the desktop solution to the web and apps. A centrally defined model (graphical design), as standard – or individual masks: BaSYS offers a uniform user experience.


Rent - Lease - Purchase

Flexible software models

In addition to the classic purchase of our software, we also offer lease financing. You have a large project and need another BaSYS license temporarily? Rent your BaSYS workstation! For the tasks of operations management and information, you can do without software installations on your premises. Use our cloud services in the data center in Frankfurt. We take care of the hardware and software and you have worry-free access as SaaS.


Configurable system


Together with you, we develop a concept to adapt our products to your individual requirements for efficient use – whether special workflows, unique interface design, special compartment shells or special interfaces to third-party products.

Compliant with regulations

Diverse requirements

Is that right?

BaSYS meets the requirements of the various regulations as well as technical and regional boundary conditions and requirements. Different sets of regulations can be taken into account within a project – in the area of sewer condition, for example, you can manage damage codes in accordance with DWA M-143-2 together with DIN EN 13508-2.


Federal Ministry and building authorities rely on BaSYS

Highest confidence

The Federal Ministry for xxx of the 16 federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany have been using BaSYS to manage their many properties since 1991. A sign that the BARTHAUER team with its competence and its products enjoys trust from the highest place!

BaSYS Module

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