At a glance
The BaSYS GAG specialist application provides all the functions required for processing the separate wastewater charge. In addition to the administration of sealed areas and statutes, functions for deadline management, correspondence, dunning and recording are provided.

Creation and administration of assessment objects and sealed areas
Billing matrices for relevant areas
Configurable statistics, reports and plans
Enter areas as graphic objects or on attribute data level
Modifiable billing matrices in case of changed boundary conditions (e.g. change of runoff factors for roof areas or reduction for cisterns)
Address, correspondence and deadline management Resubmission for submission or return deadlines, support of the reminder system, composing serial letters
Calculate separate wastewater fees according to the currently valid model statutes
You calculate the wastewater fees system-supported and according to the currently valid sample statutes. The application uses management objects that are automatically generated from property data. All data necessary for the calculation of the wastewater fee (owner, authorized representative, sealed areas, etc.) are linked to the management object. Incidentally, management objects can be shared by different specialist applications. This saves time and money.

You decide how detailed the degree of mapping is. BaSYS GAG is based on the currently valid model statutes. All parameters can be adapted to changed boundary conditions at any time. As soon as a value is changed, the calculation is automatically updated. The cistern reduction, the fee-relevant area and the fee rate are calculated. The calculation is based on the stored statutes and can also be modified by the user.
Create sealed areas
The sealed areas required for the calculation of the wastewater fee can be recorded graphically in BaSYS and assigned to an administrative object in the BaSYS GAG specialist application.

A report output as well as serial letters can be carried out and managed via BaSYS GAG. If desired also with the site plan. The templates for the reports and serial letters are created with the Configuration Explorer of BaSYS and the specialized application BaSYS GAG accesses them directly. Furthermore, comments can be added and managed directly to the assessment objects, as well as the separate wastewater charge.
Powerful overall concept
The comprehensive concept of powerful GIS technology and central data storage enables effective and future-proof processing. Easy access to all information stored in the system and task-specific functions, which are necessary to determine the separate wastewater charge, make the application a powerful tool. Bring together the information required for processing from a wide variety of data sources and let our BaSYS GAG software solution support you in your work.

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