BaSYS longitudinal planning section

Longitudinal sections visualize important details in the vicinity of lines and nodes that are not or only with difficulty to be found in the site plan or overview plan. These include:

hydraulically correct planning of gravity sewers
vertical references of sewers in the separation system
vertical position of connections and lines of other media (crossing lines)
course of terrain, water level and pressure lines
compliance with the minimum cover
The longitudinal section LT as a projection of the elements on the connecting axis between network nodes is generated as an SVG graphic directly from the database. The results of the network planning can therefore be checked immediately on the longitudinal section.


Selection of the sections via the network logic (tree structure), navigation possible in and against the flow direction
Alternative selection of the sections in BaSYS-Plan.
By default selectable legends civil engineering and hydraulics. Possible adaptation and addition with XML knowledge.
Scalability of horizontal and vertical scale.
Quick setting of the print format.
Possibility of exporting to any Office document.

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