The BaSYS sewer cadastre KanDATA manages the master, condition and hydraulic data of any sewer networks compatible with the common standards.

Necessity of a sewer cadastre are variously intertwined with the infrastructure of populated areas. Due to the tightened self-monitoring regulations of the federal states and the Water Resources Act, the requirements for the municipalities regarding the condition assessment and rehabilitation of the sewer networks have increased considerably. Regular monitoring of sewer networks in the form of TV inspections is mandatory.

Basic sewer data
In KanDATA, all elements of the network are mapped 1 to 1. These are manholes, manholes, catchment areas, drainage areas, connection pipes and connection points, intermediate points in the terrain, crossing pipes and special structures. Master data, graphical information (any continuation stages with respective accuracy class), operating, condition and hydraulic data are clearly managed for each sewer element.

In order to ensure meaningful guideline-compliant entries, a large number of selection lists are available to the user. These are preset with the ATV and ISYBAU specifications, but can be extended or modified. In the KanDATA forms, the input of values that do not correspond to the entries of the respective selection list is prevented by a system-generated warning message.
Depending on normative or project-specific boundary conditions or on the client or contractor, you can activate the appropriate library.

Navigation in KanDATA
In an Outlook-like bar you can navigate quickly and clearly between the forms of the managed information. You will find the following groups in the bar:

Master data: Data of network elements regarding technical details and their classification in the environment and management structure. Clear history management for operation and maintenance. Management of pipe crossings.
Manhole parts and pipe sections: Manhole parts and pipe sections are automatically assigned to manholes and sewer pipes via the network logic and / or managed for them.
Sewer condition: Inspection data from TV inspections of manholes, shafts and connecting pipes. Associated rehabilitation data. Inspection data of special structures.

Hydraulics: Management of hydraulic calculations including their relevant hydraulic results. Direct access to HydroCAD and KanZEIT. Integrated interface for ISYBAU format EY.
Data managementIn the data scope of KanDATA, the common regulations and standards are taken into account. Thus you can fall back on a comprehensive data management with integration of most different technical and cultural boundary conditions.

Document management
Manage the documents of your sewer network directly via its elements such as manholes and manholes. These can be, for example, detailed drawings, photos or maintenance forms.

Office – Connection
You can export data, e.g. query results for a house connection, directly to Word or Excel. This also enables you to create serial letters.

Product with format
KanDATA was originally created by Barthauer Software for a sewer cadastre based on the exchange format ISYBAU (“Integrated DV-System Bauwesen”). The client was the construction administrations of the federal and state governments. Thus, KanDATA contributed significantly to the implementation of the nationwide interface for sewer data. BaSYS KanDATA is available as Edit or View version. In BaSYS KanDATA View no data input is possible.

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