Remote maintenance

Remote maintenance and online meeting

We use the “TeamViewer” software for remote maintenance and presentations. This program is used to transfer the screen content of a Barthauer employee to your computer for presentation purposes or to make your screen visible on the computer of a customer service employee for support services. In order to be able to use this service, we must have a declaration of consent from you. Please sign the form first and fax it to: +49 531 23533-99

How it works

To participate, you will either receive an e-mail with a remote access link from a customer service representative or you can join a remote access session using the following links:

Security and requirements

The remote access applications are 100% authorization-based; remote access can be tracked and traced by the participant. They have the option of stopping or interrupting the action at any time. In general, TeamViewer always works if surfing the Internet is also possible. This means that no firewall configuration is necessary. As an alternative to port 80 HTTP, port 443 HTTPs are also checked. It is also possible to open only port 5938 TCP outgoing. The data traffic on this port should then be allowed to pass unhindered.

You can find more information on the manufacturer’s website TeamViewer.