Management of arbitrarily structured gas pipeline networks with all network components under GasDATA with GAWANIS compatibility.

GasDATA is especially used by municipalities and special purpose associations. In cooperation with the users, a powerful, database-supported system was realized, from which both a clear administration of the inventory and new planning are made possible.

GAWANIS – Compatibility
The GAWANIS – standard for gas and water networks is realized in GasDATA as a subset. However, BaSYS sets new standards here with a considerably higher information content and level of detail.

In clearly arranged forms you manage all relevant data such as pipes, house connections, installation parts, valves, fittings.

Citizen – Information
Use GasDATA in connection with GIS interfaces such as BaSYS-Visor, BaSYS Spectator or Synergis EASY / VIEW as an information station. Via the information station a fast and structured access to all relevant data is possible.

With the following key points you get a small insight into the extensive functionality of GasDATA:

Display of detailed data (such as pipeline segments, pipeline damages, nodes)
display of customer and consumption data (gas meter) at the corresponding nodes
clear definition of main and connection nodes
clear management of line types
clear and user-defined expandable fitting structure
flow path tracking with / without closed gate valves

BaSYS Plan Water / Gas, the database-driven GI system for the acquisition, planning and visual management of supply networks and supply network data.

Planning / Capture
The planning / recording of water and gas supply networks is greatly simplified with the help of the quick selection of pipe and fitting types:

When a pipe type is selected, the most important pipe attributes are automatically added.
The valve types are managed together with their layout in a tree structure. The valve types are optionally set via a quick selection or via the tree structure.
Selected pipe and fitting types remain activated for further planning.
Nodes can be subsequently rotated as desired. Slider crosses are automatically placed at the desired branches with a preselected slider spacing. The node type can be changed subsequently. The layout is automatically adapted as well.

Protection tubes
Protective pipes are managed independently of the water or gas supply network. The protection pipes are graphically highlighted in BaSYS-Plan.

Flow path tracing
Flow path tracking can be activated from any point in the pipeline network. Optionally, the status of the gate valves (open / closed is taken into account). The addresses of the connected consumers are displayed and can be exported to MS Office.

Network calculation*
The functionality of BaSYS-Plan facilitates the verification of supply networks (module AquaFIN). The network area to be calculated is clearly filtered. Nodes can be opened or closed directly from the graphic for the calculation.
* These functions are extensions of the basic module
and may require further BaSYS modules.

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