Wastewater disposal Salzgitter GmbH

  • Design of system architecture

  • Development of the connection of the BaSYS Web Components to the QGIS Web Client

  • Adaptation of the
    Theme plan

  • automated materialization of GIS data sources

  • QGIS Web Client Configuration

  • System maintenance and support

Secure directory assistance solution for a specific group of users

Abwasserentsorgung Salzgitter GmbH (ASG) fulfills the compulsory task of wastewater disposal under public law for the city of Salzgitter. With the web-based GIS information solution from BaSYS, a broad user group of employees in the office and in the field was granted easy access to the data stock and, at the same time, the number of desktop workstations to be installed and maintained was minimized. All specialist functions of a sewer information system could be fulfilled with the connection of the BaSYS Web Components. Predefined print layouts are uniformly available in every browser.

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